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  • 2016 Land Rover Defender
    13 October 2015

    No more original LandRover Defenders after 2015........The details available on the new model are quite sparse though since not much has been officiated and there is too much speculation and hear say as to how its specifics will be. It shall be a strong, reliable and unique vehicle which will retain its muscular, boxy and reliable structure. It shall have a sophisticated interior with features such as Bluetooth, hands free phone compatibility, airbags and many other safety tools. Safety ...

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  • 30

    Driving off-road you'll know how easy it is for the standard Land Rover hand brake to get bunged up with dirt and once the machanism gets clogged up it doesn't work as efficiently as it should. Britpart now offer a solution to that problem - a drum to disc conversion kit. These kits use powerful callipers whose mechanism is sealed to prevent the access of mud. Parts are supplied coated with a tough corrosion resistant coating of gold zinc passivate to ensure a long life. Fitting is ...

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